Proofreading Service

Congratulations! You’ve written your book, edited it to death, and just know after all the sweat, blood, and tears, you’re ready to publish. But are you?

Proofreading is the last step to catch any mistakes missed in previous rounds of editing and helps prevent discovering errors waiting to pounce after you hit publish.

The areas covered are spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and word usage.


  1. Send me an email with your finished manuscript (see Format your document) stating the genre, word count and the language (American or British English) for your document.
  2. I’ll review it, then reply with a quote and a date by which I can complete your proofread.
  3. Confirm your acceptance and the currency you will pay with. We accept British pounds (GBP), US Dollars (USD), or Euros (EUR). I’ll send you a contract detailing the agreed terms. Once signed, I will send you an invoice.
  4. Pay the invoice via Bank / Wire Transfer.
  5. I work through your document using track changes and using Word’s “Comment” feature for additional notes, then return it to you.
  6. That’s it, we’re done. I will keep your documents for one month in case of a query.
  7. Note: The retention does not include making further edits.

Tim has the kind of eye for detail I can only dream about. Time and again he’ll pick up typos, errors and formatting issues that I haven’t seen despite going over my manuscripts dozens of times. His turnaround time is exceptionally fast compared to other proofreaders and editors and he’s honestly a joy to work with. I highly recommend his services to any author at any level. Sacha Black, author.

“Tim Seabrook is my editor. The man I trust to see what is on the page, not what my eyes paint for my mind to read. I have a working relationship which stretches back to 2010, covering six books and again that word trust must be used. When we initially present our heart’s work to another, courage requires conviction that those we pass it to will be both intelligent enough to understand and impartial enough to point out misprints not perceived mistakes. The very reason Tim was, is, and will be my editor. I do recommend he be yours.” R D Lomax, author.

“Tim’s enthusiasm about writing, and his meticulous attention to detail make him a valuable ally. If you’re working towards publication, I strongly recommend that you seek his services rather than trying to go it alone.” E A Deverell, author.

“Tim’s super power is his attention to detail. He picks up on typos and formatting errors that are easily missed by mere mortals, and he does it with inhuman speed. His thorough and constructive feedback has helped me grow as a writer and I will definitely work with him again. If you want a polished, ready to publish, manuscript—I recommend reaching out to Tim Seabrook.” Jay Renee Lawrence, author.

“I’ve used Tim several times for my non-fiction copyediting and proofreading. His work is thorough and has a quick turnaround, which is perfect for a deadline driven author like myself. I would highly recommend his services!” Katlyn Duncan, author.


Format your document

  • as a standard Word (.docx) format
  • chapter, subtitles and body text in 12pt
  • using either Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial font
  • single or double spaced

How much does it cost?

This is, in part, down to you. Where your manuscript has received a detailed edit, the price will be between £5.00 and £7.00 per thousand words. Documents with little or no editing will be subject to a higher price. I will assess your manuscript and then provide you with a quote.

For payment in US dollars or Euros, I will check and use the stated exchange rate at time of quoting.

The payment method is by Bank / Wire Transfer. Payments are required in full and in advance before work begins.

How long does it take?

Where your manuscript underwent an editing process, you can apply the estimated turnaround times for the word count. However, I need to check the manuscript before committing to a time frame, though I aim to remain within these ranges. In all instances, I agree on a completion date beforehand.

  • Up to 20K = 1-5 days.
  • Up to 50K = 5-12 days.
  • Up to 80K = 10-22 days.
  • Up to 100K = 16-30 days.

I need to cancel my proofreading

Both parties have the right to cancel at any time. If you experience difficult circumstances (serious illness, bereavement, etc), please let me know as soon as possible. Please note, because I schedule my time in advance, cancellation fees may apply.

If you cancel with fourteen (14) days’ or more notice of the start date, I will refund your payment in full.

If you cancel before the start date but with less than fourteen (14) days’ notice, I will deduct a thirty (30) percent cancellation fee from the refund.

If you cancel after the start date, I will deduct for the amount of work done or a thirty (30) percent cancellation fee, whichever is the greater.

I will do my best never to cancel a proofreading arrangement once agreed. However, sometimes life gets in the way. Therefore, I reserve the right to cancel the proofreading at any time. If I do so, then I will refund all monies paid for the specified work within 48 hours of said cancellation.

What I won’t proofread

I prefer fiction, mainly work with Indie authors and currently have no restricted topics. Non-fiction will depend on the subject and on how technical it is. I will decline subjects outside my scope of knowledge.