Out Now! Book 1 in the VERTASSIAN LEGACY series

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Heeding the advice of his mentor, Varador abandons everything he knows and heads south. If he thought being waylaid by weather and getting stuck in the ancient city of Nacocit for a week looked bleak, what happened next was downright depressing.

But fate has a funny way of doing things and before he knows it, he is neck deep in chaos, creatures, thugs and revenge and to top it off he finds himself partnered with a morally-driven mercenary and a moss-eating wood elf.

Can Varador survive the year’s last ten-day week and outwit those who wish to spill his brains?

Available on Amazon, Kobo & many more!

Released from a contract nobody believed he could survive, Varador, a high elf of Victorium, is back in the Empire and protecting a caravan of halflings.

But with two of his charges kidnapped and a dark elf wanting his head, is it his troubled past or something new?

Can Varador save the women and gain his redemption? Or will his past be his undoing?

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